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Life Hub. Where learning pays off - literally.

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Life Hub Lifts Lives by teaching happy-life skills through a 360° learning experience, that fuses financial literacy, entrepreneurship, & career
readiness education with real cash rewards

Financial Literacy

Directly influences future job security, stable housing, and overall health by enabling kids to manage debt, save effectively, and invest in their futures.
Young adults with higher levels of financial literacy are 24% more likely to have higher incomes.
People who are financially literate are 60% less likely to experience anxiety and depression.
Financial literacy in childhood is linked to 35% better health outcomes in adulthood


Fosters creativity and strategic thinking, enabling future ability to launch and manage businesses, drive economic innovation, and create jobs.
Entrepreneurial training increases individuals' motivation and ambition by 30%, leading to more proactive behavior in pursuing personal and professional goals​ (MDPI)​​ (Frontiers)​.
People who are financially literate are 60% less likely to experience anxiety and depression.
Financial literacy in childhood is linked to 35% better health outcomes in adulthood

Career &
Work Readiness

Prepares kids with critical skills to enter and thrive in the workforce, adapting to evolving industry demands and securing stable employment.
People who are prepared for their careers report 55% higher life satisfaction scores, indicating a direct link between career readiness and overall happiness
Those who are career-ready are 30% more likely to achieve their financial goals, contributing to financial security and happiness
Individuals who undergo career readiness programs report 60% higher job satisfaction due to better alignment of their skills, interests and job

The Science Behind Life Hub


increase in educational activity participation with financial incentives


of all students reported higher motivation with monetary rewards  


of students exerted more effort in tasks with financial incentives 


of students showed improved learning outcomes with financial rewards


more students willing to take on challenging tasks with monetary rewards


improvement in test scores with financial rewards for correct answers 


increase in student engagement in classrooms with monetary rewards


increase in student academic performances with monetary rewards 


higher test-solving efficacy with monetary incentives in online learning tasks

How Life Hub Works

Search & Do Edu-Jobs on Jobs Center

1,500+ Edu-Jobs by educators & experts.

55+ topics like business, STEM, climate, AI.

Video quizzes, mini-courses, & curriculums.

Earn Real Cash Rewards, Certificates & Badges

Cash rewards of $1 to $5 per Edu-Job.

Certificates, badges, life points & tokens.

Monthly budget: $10, $25, $50, $100, $150.

Spend with Life Hub
Rewards Card

Fee free Rewards card.

Access cash at 55,000 ATM nationwide.

Privacy, controls & spending notifications.

Career, Work-Readiness & Entrepreneurship

Do Edu-Jobs w/Microsoft 365 & Google Docs.

Industry, career, brand & trades discovery.

Business & entrepreneurship exploration.

Learning Paths & Gamification

Prescriptive & adaptive learning paths.

Self-directed & educator-directed learning.

Gamified learning for numeracy skills.

Learn Work Skills by edu jobs

Kids Perform Edu-Jobs to Earn Real Cash

  • Job Center with 1,500+ edu-jobs designed by educators & experts.
  • 87 topics & subject matters like business, STEM, careers, AI & finance.
  • Video-based quizzes, mini-courses, programs, curriculums, & lessons.
  • Perform edu-jobs with Microsoft 365 & Google Docs.
  • Gamified learning with financial, & numeracy edu-games.
  • Earn $1 to $5 for edu-jobs with pre-set monthly earn budgets.
  • Self-directed, self-paced learning based on interests, & goals.
  • Scheduled assignments & goals.
  • Badges, certifications, awards, tokenizations & Life Points.
  • On-app asynchronous messaging & job coaching by educators.
  • Prescriptive & adaptive learning.

Kids Save, Spend, Give & Invest the
Cash Rewards They Earned


Savings strategies, tools and buckets that help kids set achievable goals, track progress, and build cushions.


Responsible consumption with practical budgeting tools to manage monthly earnings and income effectively.


Build empathy & compassion through community involvement
and charitable giving.


Basics of investing through tailored educational content, and real investing in stocks, bonds & more.

What Kids Earn on Life Hub

Cash Rewards

Real cash on Life Hub Rewards Card to spend at stores & online.


Certificates for courses & program achievements for school & Life Hub resume. 


Badges for a collection of subject-specific Edu-Jobs assigned & completed. 

Life Points

Life Points are collected for completing Edu-Jobs that are converted to cash.


Tokens are awarded for free products & services from partners like retailers.  

98% of Kids Love Life Hub Because They Learn
Real-World Life Skills & Earn Cash Rewards

Pick Edu-Jobs on Jobs Center

Edu-Jobs on real-world topics that kids love.

Do Edu-Jobs in
5-20 Mins to Earn

Classroom, home or beach, kids do Edu-Jobs to earn. 

Shop with Cool Rewards Card

Kids buy what they need   & save the rest for later.

Schedule Edu-Jobs to do Later

No time now? Put Edu-Jobs on calendar to do later.

Chat with Job Coaches for Help

Concierge-like service if kids are stuck & need help.

Life Hub is for

A spectrum of private and public organizations that educate students and serve youth under 18. 

Life Hub is also for homeschooled children and family households
with children.

Partner with us to provide your students, youth, and children with the first Learn and Earn super app for true social impact.

Contact us for partnership details and Life Hub demo.

Public, Private & Charter Schools

Integrate unique FLEC education in classrooms

School Districts

360 degree financial & career education for your schools

Youth Organizations

A better life for your youth with financial, and career skills


Free up your valuable time! Your kids will love to learn & earn alone


Powerful life readiness education for your students 24/7/365

Youth Sports

Add fitness and health education to physical sports activities

Reform Education

Reduce recidivism via financial literacy & CTE education


Stop old allowance & chores. Pay your kids to learn vital FLEC skills

Private & Public Schools

Integrate unique FLEC education into your curriculum today.

School Districts

360 degree financial, business, & career education for your district.

Youth Organizations

Give your youth a better life with financial, business & career skills.


Powerful life readiness education for your students 24/7/365.

Youth & Pro Sports

Complement sports activities with mental strength activities.

Reform Education

Reduce recidivism by providing financial literacy, entrepreneurship & CTE education.

Banks & Credit Unions

Give Life Hub to customers in your community & solve CRA requirements.

Financial Advisors

Empower your customers’ kids with ground-breaking financial education.

Trusted by
Educators, Mentors & Administrators

Life Hub for your Customers, Clients, Employees & Brand

Banks & Credit Unions

White-label Life Hub for your customers & also meet CRA requirements.

Financial Advisors

Strengthen client relations & build brand by giving Life Hub to clients’ kids.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Achieve your CSR goals with youth financial & business education. 


Unique edu-benefits for your employees’ kids for appreciation & loyalty.   


Give the next generation proper consumption skills linked to your brand.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Life Hub is an innovative educational platform developed by Electus Global Education Co, Inc.. It integrates financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and career education (FLEC) with real-world income-earning opportunities and banking-style tools. The platform aims to empower youth aged 6-18 with essential life skills through experiential learning and practical applications.

    Life Hub’s mission is to launch a million happy futures by teaching kids essential life skills such as earning, saving, spending, investing, and giving. The goal is to prepare children for a better life with hands-on learning and real-world earning experiences, transforming passive learners into proactive, future-proof earners​​​​.

    Life Hub is designed for students aged 6-18, educators, schools, parents, and youth organizations. It is particularly beneficial for students in lower socio-economic communities, offering them the tools and knowledge to achieve financial independence and career readiness​​​​.

    Edu-Jobs are online learning activities and micro-tasks that include scenario-based interactions, multiple-choice quizzes, crossword puzzles, games, short-form research-based Q&As, and mini-courses. These tasks are designed to teach financial literacy and career skills while providing real earning opportunities for students​​​​.

    Life Hub covers the five key financial pillars: Earn, Save, Spend, Invest, and Give. Through interactive learning modules and real-life applications, students learn money management, goal setting, and wealth-building strategies. The platform also offers practical banking tools like a no-fee Visa debit card​​​​.

    The Life Hub Visa Rewards Card is a no-fee reward card linked to students’ earnings from completing Edu-Jobs. It allows students to manage real money, enhancing their financial literacy and providing hands-on money management experience.

    Schools and organizations can integrate Life Hub into their curriculum through customizable educational modules tailored to their specific needs. The platform supports hybrid instruction and can be adapted to various educational settings, including micro-schools, home-schools, and traditional classrooms​​​​.

    Life Hub offers free training sessions during onboarding to ensure that students, educators, and administrators can maximize the platform’s benefits. These sessions cover navigating the app, using dashboards to optimize student performance, and leveraging Microsoft 365 for online learning activities​​.

    Life Hub offers several subscription plans tailored to different user groups, including individual students, families, schools, and youth organizations. Plans are designed to be affordable and scalable, with volume pricing discounts available for early customers​​​​.

    All future modules and upgrades made to the Life Hub app will be available for free to early customers. As the platform grows, tiered subscription plans may be introduced to accommodate new features and services​​.

    Life Hub uses gamified learning experiences, real-world earning opportunities, and interactive dashboards to keep students engaged. The platform’s design encourages active participation and immediate application of learned skills​​​​.

    Yes, parents can access their children’s Life Hub accounts to monitor engagement and learning success. The platform provides detailed analytics and progress tracking tools to ensure transparency and support​​.

    Students receive real-time feedback through the platform’s interactive support system, powered by advanced AI and chatbot technology. This feedback helps students understand their progress and areas for improvement, fostering a continuous learning environment​​.

    Yes, Life Hub is built on a secure and scalable technology architecture that conforms to all regulations on data privacy. The platform employs encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to protect user data​​​​.

    Life Hub leverages advanced technologies, including AI and ML for personalized learning, Microsoft 365 for productivity training, and various APIs for seamless integration and content management. The platform also supports interactive learning through tools like Google Drive, WordPress, and Botsonic​​.

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